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Chrome Bumper Repair Near Me

Repair chrome bumper professionals at a price that make scents! Text me a photo and I'll provide a quote asap! Metal bumper r

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Chrome bumper repair, metal, and yes plastic! Instant quote when you send photos of the damage on the bumper! OG's #1 rated m

Car Bumper Repair Near Me

Chrome bumper repair Orange County Experts! Send Me a photo of the damage and be amazingly shock on just have little it would

Every Bumper Has A Story

While driving my truck a dog ran out in the road and caused me to swerve into a telephone pole. I dented and twisted my companys van front bumper.My company has a strict policy about accidents, and I did not want to get in trouble. So I was across the street from a toyota dealership, and they recommended SOCAL MOBILE BUMPER REPAIR, they were able to come out in a couple of hours and fixed my bumper. And I didnt have to get in trouble.Thank You SOCAL MOBILE BUMPER REPAIR.


( Puente Hills, California )

I was waiting at a light, and a truck slammed into my back bumper on my tacoma, dented it and pushed it towards the body. The guy that hit me recommended SOCAL MOBILE BUMPER REPAIR, I texted them, and their price quote was about a third of the amount the toyota dealership quoted me for a new one plus labor, and I gave the guy a break and had it repaired. I was satisified with the results, I would recommend them to everyone.


( Huntington Beach, California )

I accidently hit my husbands front bumper on his silverado, and bent the bumper. The dealership I go to gave me SOCAL MOBILE BUMPER REPAIR phone number. They gave me a quote over the phone, and he and repaired it on saturday.I was happy with the repair, and more important my husband was happy.


( Los Angeles, California )

I went to lunch, and when I came out the back bumper on my chevy van had a base ball sized dent.I noticed a SOCAL MOBILE BUMPER REPAIR truck in the parking lot, I called the number, he walked out and gave me a price quote. I had it repaired the next day. Great Job!


( Long Beach, California )

I hit a pole at a 7-11 and dented my front bumper on a ford taurus. I called SOCAL MOBILE BUMPER REPAIR. They asked for 3 different pictures to be sent text to them, They called me back with a great price. They came to my home and repaired the bumper. I was very happy, and strongly recomend the services of SOCAL MOBILE BUMPER REPAIR.


( Long Beach, California )

Talk with an expert for all your: bumper dent removal - re-attach bumpers - bumper straightening. Call us today and don't waste your money on extra repairs you may not need.