Mobile Bumper Repair Services: Expert Assistance

Chrome Bumper Dent Repair Near Me

Why would you replace a bumper, that may only need repairs?

We can repair in most cases. Chrome, Metal and Plastic bumpers, on Trucks, Vans, SUV, and Cars.

I will save you time and money on your damage bumper. I just want you to understand, that I only repair the bumpers so if you want brand new, than your better off spending the money on a new one. Repairing is always cheaper. New bumper – There is a lot involved, you have to find someone who sells and installs and has the right accessories (metal brackets, plastic valences and pads, and maybe you have to paint the entire damaged area ) And you lose your ride for a day or three at the advice of another shop. So you end up spending around $800.00 or more, and potentially losing your ride for the next day or two. However, with Us, you can get the repair done the same day at a reasonable price, saving you time and money the right way with our big budget-friendly services. Don’t believe us? Hear from satisfied customers like Ralph, Chandler, and Alex, who appreciated the understanding of my situation and great customer service guys he received from Ryan and our team, including fixing his entire bumper in just 2 hours for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Los Angeles and Orange County California Residence

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What can be done for your bumper:

I have repaired a lot of bumpers, including the Tesla Model 3, call me and text me (tap here) 310-339-6883 or e-mail 3 pictures of the damaged area (top, side and the front), And let me know, what city you need the work done, such as Long Beach. I will text you back, or email you, with a fast response and the best quote for your bumper repair, including any necessary fixes for natural peeling or color fading. If your bumper has scratches or paint peeling, color fading, or any other damage, I can provide you with the perfect job. Much love!

These are the mobile services that we provide. We come to your location.

In most cases we can straighten bent and twisted bumpers, straighten reinforcement bars, re-form and re-attachment, press out dents in metal, chrome and plastic bumpers. When you send the pictures, I will let you know how the repair will come out, and you make the decision for me to work on it. Lines and scratches do not disappear on a chrome surface, they only flatten out, the same rule if there is a outie bump I can only flatten it and there will be a mark. So I can guarantee only after I see the bumper, how it will come out. You have nothing to lose , Send me the 3 pictures and I will let you know about the results and estimate.

My mobile bumper repair service can be, faster & cheaper Than a Body Shop. With over 18 years experience in the industry. And personally have done over 20,000 repairs.

I have been repairing bumpers since 1999. I have worked at auctions, budget and enterprise rent a car, CarMax and I am currently working at dealerships and wholesalers too numerous to list, and repairing public bumpers in Southern California.

I will come to your location (Los Angeles, Orange County and Long Beach) “Work or Residence” and fix your damage, usually in a hour or two.

Mobile Bumper Repair

Here are the popular vehicles, I usually can repair in a few hours email us anytime.

All Toyota – Tundras, Tacomas, 4-Runners, all vans, Prius, Corolla, and others.

Ford – F-150, F-250, F-350, Expedition, Explorers, Escapes, all vans, and cars, Ranger, Excursions, etc.

Chevy and GMC – Silverado, Sierra, Colorado,  cargo vans, all cars,

Dodge – Ram trucks, all vans and cars.

Nissan – Titan, Frontier, Exterra, all vans and cars.

I will look at any make or model and give you a money saving estimate. If I can’t help you I will try to get you in touch with someone who can.

Commercial Bumper Repairs

We are always looking for another dealership or wholesaler. We will come to your location, inspect damaged and give you a money saving price, for repairing each one with our team of skilled repair technicians and our service vehicle, eliminating the need for a conventional repair shop. The work is done quickly and on site, making it convenient for your trucks, vans, SUVs, and cars to be ready to sell in just a matter of hours at the same high standards you would expect from a traditional body shop, while providing the highest quality of auto repair service as our top priority through friendly and honest work with our hassle-free mobile bumper repair services at a competitive price, completing repairs in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional auto body shops. We do not offer mobile paint services due to our focus on mobility. Contact Us today for a fast estimate on our convenient mobile repair vans, prep, and traditional body shop services, or to receive a free estimate on vehicle damage.

Added Value

Selling or trading in? A clean and shiny vehicle with no damage, certainly make an impression to any potential buyer. A potential buyer might discount or think twice about buying your vehicle due to a dented or twisted bumper.

Mobile Bumper Repair Service Area’s

We service all of LA and OC California areas. We are mobile! We Come to you! Only need a hour or two to fix your ride!

It only takes a few minutes to call me and text me (tap here) 310-339-6883 or e-mail 3 pictures of the damaged area (top, side and front), And let me know, what city you need the work done. I will text or email you back with a quick estimate for the cost of repairs. If I can’t help you I will try to get you in touch with someone who can by providing your contact information and photos of the damage. As a mobile repair service, we are able to provide our services in a wide range of areas, including but not limited to Los Angeles, CA, Santa Monica, Ca, Beverly Hills, CA, the South Bay, and through Google and Yelp references, you can ensure that our services are legitimate and trustworthy. Our expert dr mobile bumper repair services, with the help of photos of the damage, are available in various areas, providing convenience and reliability to our customers in the surrounding area.

Using our mobile bumper repair service is good for the environment and save you money. Every repaired is one less sent to the scrap heap.

What is mobile bumper repair and how does our warranty work?

Mobile bumper repair is a convenient service that allows professionals to fix bumper damages on-site, at the customer’s location. It involves techniques like paintless dent repair and plastic bumper repair, which can fix dents, and other minor damages without the need of replacing it.

Talk with an expert for all your: dent removal – re-attachment – straightening. Call us today and don’t waste your money on extra repairs you may not need.

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Talk with an expert for all your: bumper dent removal - re-attach bumpers - bumper straightening. Call us today and don't waste your money on extra repairs you may not need.